What are the best foods to increase sex drive?

Sex drive is one of the most complicated parts of being an adult human.  Finding sexual stimulation that is satisfying and interesting is not easy task.  As the human body ages past the prime reproductive state of our early twenties and thirties, it becomes harder to find the motivation to try and perform well and have sexual activities.  Many couples and individuals report having sex as little as once a month or once every few months on special occasion after the age of 40.  Sex drive is regulated by both the body and the mind.  A healthy body and mind tend to possess a healthy sex drive.  Food is the fuel of the body.  It is the basis by which the body is able to build itself and rebuild itself as time passes.  It’s similar to constructing a building. The quality and type of materials influence the overall fortitude and appearance of the establishment.  The balance the body has in place for running at its optimum level is less delicate than many would think. However, the balance is essential.  When the body is fully functional and well nourished, sex drive should be at a high level depending on the body’s natural level.  There are a myriad of foods that are available for a low cost that can be purchased at most grocery stores that naturally boost the sex drive. Known as aphrodisiacs, these stimulate the libido and sexual energy in users.

Used for thousands of years as an aphrodisiac across dozens of cultures, Honey’s qualities are long lasting and effective.  Taken in one or two doses a day equalling about a tablespoon and a half is enough to feel the effects.  Chocolate has been used by latin american natives as long as honey has.  Only recently have scientists began to dig into what has made chocolate such an effective aphrodisiac.  The tryptophan content of chocolate makes it one of the main components for sexual stimulation.  Coffee, avocados, tuna, pomegranate, and deer meat all have different advantages for increasing libido and sexual arousal. Each has their own individual nutrient composition such as vitamin B3, vitamin E, high protein content and more that either directly contribute to muscle gains, higher libido, more testosterone or another part of the grander process that raises sex drive.


Bananas are a healthy and excellent way for men to boost their sexual performance. They also have the tryptophan, which as stated before is a main component of sexual drive. Tryptophan is an amino acid that is the connecting building block for the pleasure hormone serotonin. Bananas basically make you happier and improve your general mood. Magnesium and Manganese can both be found in bananas which ultimately benefits men. Both minerals are necessary for a completely active and health prostate.  Other than those two minerals, bananas also are nutrient heavy in specifically bromelain and b vitamins. Both bromelain and b vitamins influence sex hormones by regulating hormones to influence increased sexual desire and fertility. Bananas also increase general blood flow to the body, which is important for sexual performance. The more blood flow to the penis, the better sexual performance and stamina. To have bananas aid in sexual performance the goal is to eat one a few hours before the time comes.

The consistency of your diet will lead to the body becoming accustomed to functioning at a higher level.  For optimal performance, your diet needs variety that still fulfills all nutritional needs.  Keeping motivated when eating healthy is as easy as making sure a diet is flexible but functional.  Having different foods grouped together to be interchangeable and meet requirements whilst setting a weekly plan keeps dieters accountable.  This means that the diet for improving sexual function and drive will not become stale and boring.  Keeping the diet interesting and desirable will make it more a habit.  Increasing the metabolism will lead to the body constantly processing food without converting the sugar content of fruits  into undesirable fats.  Starting each day off and ending it with a cold glass of water kick starts the metabolism.  In addition to diets that provide nutrients to the body, improving the overall quality of sleep can lead to better moods and higher sex drive. Eating foods that are high in zinc increase overall sex drive whilst enhancing sexual energy without making it difficult to sleep when bedtime arrives.  It’s healthier to set an alarm four hours into sleep and eat a small snack to keep the body burning calories and the metabolism running all night. During sleep, the body can still be searching for nutrients to process and can influence the overall quality of sleep dependent on the stage of hunger an individual’s metabolism causes throughout the process. Even eating a small snack of celery with peanut butter or crackers with peanut butter can contribute to to an increase in the restfulness of sleep without the hassles of nighttime hunger.